Developing the Brain with Gill Brooksmith

[testimonial_nd author="Stephanie Lawson" text="After my car accident I was too nervous to continue with my learner’s licence – that was four years ago. The two sessions with you gave me back my confidence and I passed my test, first time, last week!!"]
[testimonial_nd author="Mrs Holmes" descriptionauthor="Parent" text="I’m no longer concerned about Tom going into secondary school – he is just so self confident now and is even running his own little business repairing and selling bikes – he’d never have done that before! Plus achieving 4’s in Maths, English and Science – he used to be so borderline!" bgcolor="violet"]
[testimonial_nd author="Nicky Parr" text="My Parkinson’s Disease consultant says I don’t need to see him for the next 5 – 10 years" bgcolor="blue" icon="icon-diamond"][
[testimonial_nd author="Fiona Wilson" descriptionauthor="Parent" text="At our first consultation, after we had discussed all the issues, we shared with Gill that we were a bit worried about going on holiday to the sea as our son hated walking on the beach, getting sand on his feet and wanted to be carried all the time. She immediately worked on his foot reflexes (Babinski) and straight away he ran outside without his shoes on. We all had a wonderful holiday, playing on the sand without any issues!" bgcolor="red" icon="icon-heart"]

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