Developing the Brain with Gill Brooksmith

Programme for integrating the reflexes for improved
academic and social behaviour

Suitable for early years to ‘A’ Levels


Bringing the staff on-board

This twilight presentation focusses on the impact reflexes have on academic achievement and behaviour.  A 4 part movement programme to be demonstrated for implementation for an immediate positive impact in the classroom. A discussion to be held as to how the Sensory Circuits Programme can be implemented for specific children.


Sensory circuit

Early morning and lunch time programme: Monday – Thursday

(Registration is taken at the start of the class)

08.45 – 09.15     Sensory Circuits - Group One:   Selected students

12.30 – 13.00     Sensory Circuits - Group Two:   Selected students

Integrating vestibular, proprioception, kinesthetic and tactile senses. Includes integrating the childhood and postural reflexes movements.


One-to-one sessions

Each student on the Sensory Circuits register attends a one-on-one consultation with Gill Brooksmith, Neuro Developmental Therapist once a fortnight.



Staff can attend our RMTi courses or bespoke programmes can be designed for individual students around their specific requirements e.g.

Duration of programme: 10 weeks.

Each student’s reflexes will be assessed at the beginning and at the end of the programme. Samples of the student’s handwriting, assessment of their literacy and mathematical skills to be assessed at the beginning and end of the programme. Behavioural changes to be noted.


£1,800 for 1 full day consultation per week (16 students)  plus morning and lunch time Circuits for 10 weeks. £90 per additional student.

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