Developing the Brain with Gill Brooksmith

Worried that your child is not progressing as you would wish?

Does your child have……..

  • Poor handwriting?
  • Difficulty reading?
  • Poor spelling?
  • Problems with attention and concentration?
  • Emotional meltdowns?  Organisational difficulties?

Are they….

  • Clumsy?
  • Frustrated?

Have they been diagnosed with…

  • Dyslexia?
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder?

Are you concerned that your child might not be ‘school ready’?

If you have answered YES to more than 2 of these questions you may find your child will benefit from an assessment.

As a parent recently commented ” We just want to do the best for our children so that they enjoy themselves and really get on with their lives”

Clinic details & fees

The Ashgrove Clinic

13 Lancaster Street
Higham Ferrers
NN10 8HY

01933 469043

North Bedfordshire Osteopaths

2a Grange Lane
MK43 8NP

01234 823621 for appointments

Adult Fees

Initial consultation – 90 minutes – £95                          
Subsequent consultations – 50 minutes – £65

Child Fees

Initial consultation is 90 minutes

Developmental and Primitive Reflexes are observed – £95
Verbal report is given

Observations plus full written report suitable for teachers – £135

Subsequent consultations 50 minutes – £65

(N.B. Parents/Caregivers may be required to do regular movements from the programme with their child)
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