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Providing Brain Development Courses in London

It’s heart breaking when you know your child, someone close to you, even yourself are not achieving their or your potential. The work I do helps development of all age groups – infants, teenagers and adults.

Every treatment focuses on your specific needs. Before the consultation we have a conversation about the concerns you may have about you or your child. With this understanding of what your outcomes are and how brain developmental movements make profound changes, we are ready to start the journey

To discuss your concerns further, please feel free to contact me on 07900 882711

Developing the Brain with Gill Brooksmith

About Gill Brooksmith

I’ve been a therapist since 1994 and work as a Neuro-Developmental Kinesiologist with, courses based in London, helping adults and children in the UK, South Africa and Middle East. I’m also an International RMTi, Touch for Health and Brain Gym trainer.

In my busy consultancy, my clients experience profound results with their children, teenagers and young adults using a brain development programme called Rhythmic Movement Training. RMTi is a developmental programme that supports integrating primitive reflexes – the default system of our brains.


Sometimes we need to go back to basics to develop, move forward and integrate the underlying issues in our systems to live effortlessly and experience more joy in our lives.

Positive outcomes client’s shared:

  • Behaviour, emotional interaction, playing with other children
  • Listening, paying attention, focusing at school and at home
  • Able to play by themselves for longer periods, more motivated
  • Being more loving and caring of others, less clumsy
  • Handwriting, reading and spelling improvements
  • Mealtimes become family time
  • Speech more intelligible with longer sentences
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